Easy Steps to Getting a Password
If you don't have a password or don't remember your password, continue reading.
If you know your password, proceed to the log-in screen by clicking here.
Email Denise Hudmon if you have any questions or problems, or go directly to the login screen by clicking here.
How To Access the Member Area of the St. Mark’s Website
The St. Mark’s website has many features that don’t require a user name and password. This is because our website is for visitors as well as members. The “members only” portion of the site features confidential information (such as giving history)  that is specific to each member, and it is password-protected for each member in our database. If you are listed in our database with an email address, you can get a password easily.
·         On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to provide your email address and password (click “forgot password if you don’t remember it). If you don’t have a password, simply click where it says “Need a login? Click here.”
·         On the next screen, type in your email address and first and last name. Use your formal name; for example: you may go by Bill Smith, but you’ll need to enter William Smith, plus any jr., sr. or III.
·         After entering your email address and first and last name, click “Find Me”.
·         You should get a screen that says “Congratulations! A  temporary password has been sent to the email address you provided”. Check your email “in” box, and  copy the temporary password.
·         Reenter your email address on the “Sign In” screen, then  paste this temporary password into the blank for password and click “Sign In.”
·         You’ll be asked to change the temporary password once you log in. Choose something you can easily remember.
Last Published: July 16, 2017 9:04 PM
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