We believe that we are called to seek and know God more fully as we mature in our spiritual growth. We believe that Christian Formation is the practice of life long spiritual learning, that which engages us in the search to discover God’s presence in our lives. We strive to create a community of learning in which we can explore the Bible as well as the teachings of the Church in order to gain a better understating of Christ and His desire for us.
Christianity Today
Sundays, 10 am, Rector's Office
Taught by Doug Milne
This popular Bible study explores the life and teachings of Jesus and their relevance in the Bible as well as other books by various authors. Dialogue is welcomed and encouraged, and weekday preparation is not required. All adults are welcome.

Lion's Forum
Sundays, 10 am, McRae-Winston Chapel
Taught by the Clergy
This year's focus will be on worship: Why we worship, how we worship, as well as the different forms and elements we use in worship, such as music, art and architecture. The class will be a mixture of lecture, discussion and "in church field trips." In recognition of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the class will also look at how this movement continues to inform our worship and faith today.

Upper Room
Sundays, 10 am, Upper Room above the bookstore
Contact: Abby & Ben Stewart, Amanda & Matt Thoele at 388-2681 for more information.
This class for young adults will join the Christian Parenting Class or Lion's Forum for the first part of the year and will reconvene in the Upper Room on December 3rd.

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2nd & 4th Monday, 9:30am
Mothers of Preschoolers
Tuesday, 7am
Women's Early Risers
Tuesday, 9:30am
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Wednesday, 10am
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Men's Bible Study & Breakfast

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