Our Mission
The Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation, Inc. is an opportunity to join together in God’s name, while raising money to help with the financial needs of families who are suffering with the loss of a child.
It is our goal to help First Coast families that are in need, who have suffered the loss of a child; specifically with the costs associated with a funeral. In order to thoughtfully steward donations made to The Foundation, we have partnered with Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital, whose team of social workers will determine those families that are in financial need.
The donors of The Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation, Inc will be known as Angels for Allison. Visit their website at http://www.angelsforallison.org
Angel painting project
Our signature project came to us by Divine inspiration.....a simple idea, to use the angel ornaments, donated by an artist friend, to raise funds for The Foundation. These angel messengers are being painted in bright whimsical designs as a reminder of Allison’s Joyful spirit!
It is our goal to partner with students, local artists, charitable organizations, family and friends, and to paint together while strengthening community relationships, generating money to help others, and remembering Allison!
About Allison
Allison Haramis was a vivacious 15 year old girl who passed away in a car accident in April of 2009. She was a joyful creative spirit, with a brilliant sense of humor and a warm engaging personality.
Allison encouraged many and left her mark on a community that will forever remember her contagious energy.
Allison’s creativity was expressed most significantly through the arts. She was an accomplished dancer and had a magnetic presence on and off the stage. She loved bright color, which was often seen in her whimsical and dramatic sense of style.
Allison Brundick Haramis was a tour de force, a leader and an individual thinker with a strong faith.
In an effort to keep Allison’s bright spirit alive, and to help other families who are faced with the death of a child, The Allison Brundick Haramis Foundation, Inc., was born. Also known as Angels for Allison, The Foundation is a 501(c) 3, not- for -profit public charity run entirely by the efforts of volunteers.
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