Katie Kidd & Leesie Snell Vestry, Liaisons

The mission of the Worship Commission is to serve the laity and clergy of our Parish by enriching the worship experience to the glory of God. Read More

Charles Chunn, Pete Brignet & Mary Jane Wilson, Vestry Liaisons

The Parish Fellowship Commission organizes all events that foster fellowship at the church. Read More

Kelly Anderson, Bill Adams & Ashely Daw, Vestry Liaisons

The Christian Formation Commission encourages the formation and renewal of God's people through Christian education. Read More

Christ Commander, Randy Gordon, Amy Perkins & John Magevney, Vestry Liaisons

The mission of the Mission and Service Commission is to enable our members to reach out to those in need beyond the parish. Read More

Sarah Ryder & Jess Simmons, Vestry Liaisons

Lay ministers and volunteers seek to be present to our parish family in times of illness, death, isolation, divorce, addiction and other life experiences of acute need. Read More

Gina Donahoo, William Magevney, Greg Devino & T. R. Hainline, Vestry Liaisons

This commission has been recently added after the report from Alexander Haas advised that the church would benefit from aligning its stewardship efforts with key elements of the strategic plan. Read More
Interested in learning how you can help by participating in lay ministry? Follow the link here.
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