The Vestry includes fourteen members, a third of whom are selected by lot from a slate of eight qualified communicants presented by the nominating committee at the annual parish meeting each year. Vestry members serve three-year terms.
The chairman of the Foundation is an ex-officio member of the vestry as are the following officers elected annually by the Vestry: secretary and treasurer. The senior warden is the chief advisor to the rector and chairs the Stewardship & Operations Commission. The junior warden is responsible for all physical facilities of the parish and chairs the Facilities Commission. The remainder of the Vestry has oversight responsibility for all commissions: Worship, Pastoral Care, Stewardship & Operations, Christian Formation, Mission & Service, and Parish Life.
Bill Adams, Jr.
Greg DeVino, Junior Warden
Gina Donahoo
Randy Gordon, Senior Warden
Amy Perkins
Leesie Snell
Pete Brignet
Ashley Daw
John Simmons, Jr.
Mary Jane Wilson
Tom Donahoo
Mike Grimes
Peggy McDonald
Phil Rachels
Mark Fackler, Treasurer
George Egan, Foundation Chairman
Charles Gibbs, School Board Chairman
The St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Foundation, Inc., was incorporated in 1979 for the purpose of holding property, borrowing money for the purchase and/or improvement of property, and holding, investing and administering restricted and general endowment funds of the church. The trustees of the Foundation oversee various building and renovation projects and endowment funds. The Foundation accepts, holds and manages bequests and gifts of insurance and property.
Not less than fourteen and not more than twenty-five trustees, nominated by the rector and confirmed by the Vestry and Foundation, serve staggered three-year terms. Officers include a chairman/president, treasurer and executive secretary. Serving as ex-officio members are the Senior Warden, Junior Warden and the Chair of the School Board of Trustees.
Charles Gibbs '81 – Chair of the Board
Kevin R. Conklin – Head of School
The Rev. Thomas P. Murray - Rector
Board Members 2017-2018
Claudia Adams
Kelly Anderson
Quinn Barton
John Bazylewicz
 Michele Bell-Badger
Marie-Laure Bougnol-Potter
Husein Cumber
Christian Cummings
Tom Donahoo - Vestry Liaison
Anne Egan
John Falconetti
Kay Fellows
Alex Graham, ’94
John Magevney, ’83
Liz Parks
Christina Spencer*
Mike Wachholz
 *Parents Association Representative
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