The Legacy Society

On All Saints' Sunday, November 7, 2010, St. Mark's inaugurated anew the Legacy Society of St. Mark's. The Legacy Society is the assembly of individuals who have given to our Endowment at St. Mark's, either to the Church or the Day School endowments. Those endowments stand at approximately $1 million for the church and $2 million for the Day School.  The generosity of our forebears and our neighbors has made this endowment possible and the income, drawn at the pace of 5% of return, is a helpful element in the funding of our ministry and mission.

The endowments are managed by our Foundation Board and the Board is accountable to the Vestry for its stewardship of these funds. The intent of the creation of the Legacy Society is that we might take steps to be increasingly pro-active in the ongoing development of our endowments and that we might offer mission-based alternatives to potential donors to further motivate such persons in giving to the church. The philosophy of the newly constituted team chaired by Frank Surface is that giving to mission is more engaging than simply "remembering the church in your will".

We plan to construct a Wall of Gratitude whereon donors to the Legacy Society are honored and to create opportunities for education and motivation on a regular and timely basis going forward so that we pass on to our grandchildren a larger endowment than we ourselves received.

Questions regarding the Legacy Society may be directed to Frank Surface through the Finance Office at the Church (388-2681 x 217), directed by Denise Hudmon.

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