St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Strategic Plan for 2013-2022
Vision 2022 - St. Mark’s will be a vibrant and thriving parish where Christ’s loving spirit radiates to all generations in our community.
Goal 1   Vibrant Faith and Spirituality
St. Mark’s offers dynamic, meaningful worship and spiritually- enriching faith formation opportunities.
  1. Seek excellence in all components of the Episcopal Church’s liturgical traditions.
  2. Innovate meaningful worship opportunities that offer intimate and personal spiritual experiences.
  3. Excel in providing vibrant preaching and Spirit-filled worship that instructs, inspires, and invigorates.
  4. Improve Christian education and faith formation offerings to meet the intellectual and spiritual needs of multiple generations. 
  5. Strengthen faith through fellowship, support programs, and small-group activities.
Goal 2 Thriving Membership
St. Mark’s is an energized, welcoming congregation that has experienced significant growth in membership and participation.
  1. Embody Christ’s loving spirit in a culture of hospitality that nurtures all seekers. 
  2. Expand and innovate programs that attract and engage members across all generations.
  3. Inspire members to lead programs and initiatives. 
  4. Foster personal connections and fellowship among members. 
  5. Market St. Mark’s throughout the larger community.
Goal 3 Inspired Giving and Stewardship
St. Mark’s community gives abundantly, practicing wise stewardship and sharing its resources with others.
  1. Build a culture of joyful giving and actively engage all members in learning about and practicing Biblical stewardship.
  2. Engage membership in authentic mission outreach, responding to the needs of the broader community.
  3. Identify and develop volunteers to support the Church and the community.
  4. Increase percentage of pledging members.
  5. Broaden revenue sources beyond plate and pledge.
  6. Develop a strategy to implement the Charting Our Course initiatives, prioritizing resources and reviewing programs and practices regularly to ensure ongoing relevance and excellence.
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